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Well Hello There! Thanks so much for stopping buy Capture Destiny Photos, Destin Wedding & Beach Photographer! So you’ve found your true love, your soulmate, your fish in the sea of 7.4 Billion——— Congrats on your engagement!!! I’m stoked at the honor and privilege of being considered to capture your big day! I’m so incredibly blessed with the best job on earth that gives me the chance to create memories, capture moments, and CAPTURE DESTINY forever in timeless images! Trust me, the stunning sunsets of the Emerald Coast are only out-shined by my amazing wedding couples! I cherish each and every couple, and I’m so impressed by the uniqueness of every Bride’s individual taste! Wedding details just seem to be like snowflakes in that their heartfelt craftsmanship is delicate, beautiful, intricately designed, and never a duplicate! In as many ceremonies as I’ve had the honor of witnessing, no two have ever been even close to being the same! Whether it’s a last minute intimate elopement adorned only with a picturesque sunset and a quick bouquet grabbed from the local grocery store, or it’s a nine hour all day elaborate extravaganza adorned with the finest jewels— I cherish every ceremony that I’m invited to attend! Newly engaged lovebirds often ask me to name my favorite part of the wedding day. Well, you see that’s just like stepping into a gourmet cupcake bakery and picking a favorite flavor. It’s just simply impossible to pick with all of the lovely options to choose from! During the pre-ceremony time excitement is in the air! True tears of joy often flow as the realization of what’s about to happen sets in. It’s today! It’s today! It’s today I get to marry my best friend!! This, this is probably my favorite part of the day! I love overhearing joyful laughter mixed with moments of silence in reflection for loves one no longer here, while staging beautiful shots of the dress, rings, and other beautiful details. It’s pure bliss knowing the day is finally here as I get rolling capturing the details my bride has chosen! This, this is my favorite part! I treasure catching that solitary tear roll down a mother’s face as she zips/ buttons/ ties her little girl into that dress of her dreams. These are such sweet moments! As ceremony go time rapidly approaches, I enjoy watching the face of my stately groom as he gasps while gazing at his stunning love sashaying down the isle towards him. The nervousness that has been building up fades away as the officiant puts them hand in hand. A sense of calm and CAPTURED DESTINY over takes their countenances. This, now this is my absolute favorite part! Sweet vows are spoken over the sound of the waves rolling in and out---In and out—in and out----in and out. In that moment the ocean seems to have a heartbeat that falls in time with the heartbeat of two souls promising forever. Permission is given to kiss, and boy do they ever share a powerful embrace! Dancing almost running up the isle in such celebration! This, this must be my favorite part! Seeing a proud tearful grandfather hugging a stunning woman who he still sees as a little girl helping him on the farm. Hugs from a mother to her new son, as she is so thankful her daughter picked a genuinely good one! Bridal party pictures start the fun times rolling and everyone laughing! Capturing iconic sunset images with my lovebirds as they share sweet whispered words together—— this most assuredly is my favorite part!!!!! First dances open up the reception, and set the tone for a wonderful night of dancing! Hilarious toasts fueled by a little bubbly from the groom’s not one, but three best “best” men get the party going! The night is highlighted with some good old fashion playful cake smashing, too! Capturing candids as everyone dances the night away amid gorgeous florals and scrumptious delectables—— Now this, this must be my favorite part! You see—although I may not be able to pin point my favorite part, I assure you I darn well know my least favorite. As my couple gathers their honeymoon supplies and prepares to run out their exit tunnel shrouded with sparklers, a bittersweet feeling overtakes me. For the journey of months of planning, engagement shoot time together, and beautiful wedding moments is quickly coming to an end. I might not ever get to see my beautiful couple- now dear friends- again as this was a destination wedding and they live hundreds of miles away. This is why I will pour love into their editing over the next several weeks and make sure their images truly CAPTURE DESTINY !!




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